Undergraduate Research Fair 2018 Awards

Dr. James Wu Award for best lower-year project

  • First prize: Ilia Azari for "Pharmacare: The Unfinished Business of Canadian Medicare" (AP/SOSC 1940)
  • Second prize: Kaitlyn Chiasson for "Progress or Profits: The WTO’s approach to pharmaceutical patents" (HH/IHST 2000)

Dr. James Wu Award for best upper-year project

  • First prize: Ranjana Nagi for "Female Genital Mutilation in Africa: The Past, The Current, and The Future" (HH/IHST 4900)
  • Second prize: Shlok Naik for "Apocalypse Now! Anthrax Bioterrorism & The Public Health Challenge" (SC/BIOL 4305)

Dr. James Wu Award for best thesis project

  • First prize: Steven Campbell for "Oscillating Between Fear and Relief: A Volatility Based Aggregate Market
    Return-State Model" (SB/FINE 4900)
  • Second prize: Abdeali Saherwala for "Pre/Post Japanese Internment Camps" (AP/HIST 3581)

Information Literacy Award

  • First prize: Elnaz Assadpour for "Women’s Cardiovascular Health: The Heart Truth" (HH/IHST 3545)
  • Second prize: Jessica Ireland for "Women, Representation, and Electoral Systems" (AP/POLS 4125)

Best poster award

  • First prize: Emily Mastragostino & Samuel Sanchinel for "Being and Space: An Exploration of the Experiences of Women on York University’s Campus" (AP/HUMA 3207)
  • Second prize: Michelle Young & Lara Calucag & Katreena Dalisay for "How Can We Enhance the User’s Gym Experience at the Tait Mckenzie Fitness Centre?" (FA/YSDN 3005)

Best group project

  • First prize: Elizaveta Selezneva & Denise Batho for "Does a History of Depression Affect Employability?" (GL/PSYC 2520)
  • Kaipa Bharucha & Harleigh Lindsay for "Streaming and Marginalization in the Ontario Education System: A Problem of Practice" (ED/EDUC 3300)