Apply now

To apply to present a Poster:

Complete the Poster Sessions application form and include an abstract (summary) describing your graded project or essay. Writing a clear, specific abstract (summary) is key. The abstract should be approximately 250 words, written in plain language, for a multidisciplinary audience.

Click here to see samples of abstracts in various disciplines.

Click here for tips on using plain language.

Attach a graded copy of your paper in PDF format (scan and include your instructor’s comments too, if possible). If you have difficulties, contact

** If you have already graduated and no longer have access to Passport York,  email for instructions.



To apply to exhibit work in the ArtWalk

Complete the Art or Design Work application form and include a physical description of the work, indicating:

  • the type of work
  • medium
  • dimensions

Attach a high-resolution digital image of the work as a jpeg or png file.