Eligibility & Requirements: Poster Sessions

Art or design work eligibility & requirements available here.


  • You were an undergraduate student at York during the previous year (even if you have now graduated; if you no longer have access to Passport York, email us to apply: ugfair@yorku.ca.)
  • Your project (e.g., paper, essay or creative work) was submitted between January 2018 and December 2018 for an undergraduate credit course at York.
  • Your paper or project received a grade of B+ or higher (not the overall course grade). Please scan and append a graded copy of your project to the Fair application form.
  • The research was initiated by you for the purposes of the course (i.e., not done under the auspices of another project or as a research assistantship for a faculty member).
  • A creative work or an experiment is acceptable, as long as the work is accompanied by a significant analytical component.
  • Group projects are accepted as long as every member of the group gives permission.
  • Papers, essays and projects written/presented in a language other than English for a language course taught at York are eligible (but the poster and presentation you prepare for the Fair must be in English or French).
  • You can submit one application for a research project as well as up to two applications to exhibit artwork in the ArtsWalk. You must be present for the poster presentation.

Not eligible:

  • Projects completed for a non-credit course.
  • Research proposals, lab reports and opinion pieces are not acceptable. For creative works without an analytical component, consider applying to display your art or design work in the Scott Library ArtWalk. See eligibility for art or design work application.
  • Research done for purposes other than coursework (e.g., RAY program).
  • Research done for projects led by faculty or other lead researchers.
  • Posters prepared for another event.
  • Work that has already been published.
  • Double applications: You can submit only one application to present a poster based on your research project at the Undergraduate Research Fair: Please choose your best project.

Participant Obligations:

If your submission is accepted, you will:

  • Confirm your participation in the Fair by email to the Undergraduate Research Fair (ugfair@yorku.ca)
  • Prepare a poster outlining your work. Submit your poster in pdf format by Feb 21, 2019  to the Undergraduate Research Fair (ugfair@yorku.ca). We will have your poster professionally printed, at no cost to you, on the condition that it is received by the due date. (Fair participants who submit their poster pdf after that time may, with special permission, still participate in the Fair, but are responsible for poster printing costs.) Posters are yours to keep after the Fair.
  • Arrive at the Fair on to set up your poster.
  • Remain with your poster during the poster session and be prepared to talk about your work with Fair attendees.
  • Be present for the welcome and awards ceremony at the Fair on Feb 27, 2019
  • Give permission for your abstract and poster to be published in Revue YOUR Review.
  • You are encouraged to invite friends, family and faculty to the Fair. (We will provide you with an official invitation to share.)