Eligibility & Requirements: Art/Design Work Display (Scott Library ArtWalk)

Poster Session eligibility & requirements available here.


  • You were an undergraduate student at York during the previous year (even if you have now graduated; if you no longer have access to Passpork York, email us to apply: ugfair@yorku.ca.)
  • Your art or design work was submitted between January and December 2018 for an undergraduate credit course at York.
  • Your project received a grade of B+ or higher.
    (If you have concerns about this requirement, please contact the Undergraduate Research Fair (ugfair@yorku.ca).
  • The project was initiated by you for the purposes of the course (i.e., not done under the auspices of another project or as a research assistantship for a faculty member).
  • Group projects are accepted as long as every member of the group gives permission.
  • Maximum dimensions of physical work — 8 feet tall x 12 feet wide x 2 feet deep. (Photographic reproductions may be acceptable if the piece is too large to display.)
  • Work must be prepared for display (e.g., for hanging work, hooks on either side).
  • For other formats (e.g., digital), please contact ugfair@yorku.ca to discuss.
  • You can submit up to two applications to exhibit artwork in the Scott Library ArtWalk. (Art exhibitors don't have to be present during the Fair.)








Not eligible:

  • Work that cannot be reproduced on the cover of Revue YOUR Review or displayed at the Fair. Still images of digital work are acceptable.
  • Work completed for a non-credit course.
  • Work done for purposes other than coursework.
  • Work led by faculty or other lead researchers.
  • Work that has already been published; however, previous exhibition of the work is acceptable.

Participant Obligations

If your submission is accepted, you will:

  • Confirm your participation by email to ugfair@yorku.ca.
  • Deliver the physical work, along with a high resolution photograph suitable for publication, to ugfair@yorku.ca by Feb 20, 2019.
  • Give permission for your work:
    • to be displayed in the ArtWalk of the Scott Library Collaboratory for two months.
    • to be published on the front cover of Revue YOUR Review (if selected for first prize).
    • To be included in the e-journal Revue YOUR Review.
  • You are encouraged to invite friends, family, and faculty to the Fair. (We will provide you with an official invitation to share.)